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Safety Risk of Trees

PG&E says that it must remove thousands of trees above its California pipelines (including 272 in the City of Lafayette and more than 200 in Briones Regional Park) because the trees pose an unacceptable safety risk.  What are the facts related to PG&E’s claim?


PG&E Gas Pipeline Safety Performance

Following PG&E’s 2010 San Bruno pipeline explosion, the company pledged multiple improvements that would transform PG&E into the safest gas company in the United States.  What progress has PG&E made in fulfilling this promise, and where does their gas safety performance rank today relative to their industry peers?




More information

1. Study of gas transmission accidents by cause (DOWNLOAD PDF)

2. Piggable line percentages - largest U.S. gas operators (DOWNLOAD PDF)

3.  U.S. gas transmission accidents summary chart (DOWNLOAD PDF)

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