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Our mission is to protect our environment and demand better pipeline safety from PG&E.

PG&E's planned to remove 272 trees in Lafayette for their "Community Pipeline Safety Initiative",  a discretionary ROW clearing program. We filed a lawsuit in 2017 because CEQA was not performed as required by law.

The largest risks to PG&E pipelines are third-party dig-ins, external forces from land movement, and external corrosion. PG&E has programs to address these concerns that do not include tree removal.

We've worked with the CPUC and PG&E for years to identify existing local threats and potential mitigations. We've concluded that PG&E should:

  • address the exposed pipeline segments

  • install remotely activated valves

  • reduce third-party dig-ins

  • conduct in-line testing

  • enhance cathodic protection

  • replace vintage pipeline segments. 

  • and more.

See the map of trees in dispute

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